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PicBackMan helps you to automatically backup photos and videos from your computer to Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Dropbox
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25 November 2013

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Pictures of lovely places or sceneries, photographs of your loved ones and images of any random item that you like would be those rare items which you would not want to lose out on. They have all the memories and happy making movements and deserve to be kept carefully preserved. We however tend to shy away from keeping the pics in back up and when computer hard disk breaks down or social networking sites gets hacked (where you have uploaded all the pics without keeping them stored in your system)all the lovely moments are lost. To prevent this miss happening from occurring we suggest you to use PicBackMan, a tool that can prevent you from falling in such situations.

PicBackMan enables you to effortlessly upload as well as download all the images and pictures you have contained in your computer on several online sites or apps or download them from internet/websites to computer. The software has capability of uploading the pics in popular sites such as Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive, Skydrive, Photobucket and Dropbox in few clicks. The app automatically takes care of quota limit of month and monitors for every pic to back up. It also keeps in mind that no other pic is a duplicate and redundancy of the images does not take place in either of your computer and social networking sites. All the uploading and downloading is processed by the application at a high speed keeping you waiting for no any length. While the files are getting back up you can easily monitor them via the statistic.

The PicBackMan is one of the finest pic backing up solution that can help you from losing all the sweet memories be it a social website or your own computer. A score of three and half suits it well for its superb functionality and great assistance in safekeeping of the images.

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PicBackMan is the #1 photo and video backup application that enables you to automate your backups from your computer to your online accounts, between online accounts and from your online accounts to your computer - and its dead easy. It also helps you migrate and dedupe your photos from various accounts.
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PicBackMan can be used to: backup photos to smugmug, backup photos to flickr, backup photos to picasa, backup photos to skydrive, backup photos to google drive, backup photos to icloud, backup photos to photobucket, backup photos to box, backup photos to dropbox, backup videos to smugmug, backup videos to flickr, backup videos to picasa, backup videos to skydrive, backup videos to google drive, backup videos to icloud, backup videos to photobucket, backup videos to box, backup videos to dropbox, backup instagram photos, backup foursquare photos, backup facebook photos and more.
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